Over the Loire, in the Sancerrois region

One of Europe's most spectacular velorails

The Cosne sur Loire to Sancerre vélorail line is one of the most spectacular in France, taking you past two viaduct bridges by velorail...

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

A video preview

Cyclorail du Sancerrois

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

An exciting journey

An incredible adventure

Welcome to the magnificent Sancerrois region, where an incredible adventure awaits you: the Cyclorail du Sancerrois. Get ready for an exciting 13-kilometre round trip along the old Saint-Germain du Puy railway line.

This unique experience begins in Cosne-sur-Loire, from where you'll set off on your velo-rail, crossing two remarkable bridges. One of them, the famous Pont du PO, stretches 851 metres majestically over the Loire, giving you a breathtaking view of the sparkling waters of the river.

Your adventure will then take you to a place steeped in history, an ancient Gallo-Roman bathing site at Bannay. As you cruise along the Canal du Berry, you'll be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and discover the natural beauty of the region.

As you drive along, the landscape changes to reveal Sancerre's renowned vineyards and prestigious golf course. As you approach the birthplace of the vines, you'll be able to admire the rolling green hills for which this exceptional wine-growing region is famous.

A unique experience

Whether you're with family, friends or even as a couple, the Cyclorail du Sancerrois is a fun activity that combines discovery, relaxation and sport. Take advantage of this unique experience to explore breathtaking scenery and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this magnificent Sancerrois region.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

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Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Thighs & calves 🙂

A delightful and rewarding walk

Enjoy an unforgettable cycle ride in the magnificent Sancerre region with Cyclorail du Sancerrois. This friendly activity is perfect for families, groups of friends or outings with friends. Climb aboard our four-seater custom-built machine, with two pedallers and two passengers, and get ready for a delightful adventure combining leisure and physical exertion.

The route starts with a gentle climb before descending through varied and exciting terrain. Expect to burn a few calories along the way!

This environmentally-friendly activity relies on the power of your thighs and calves, making it a responsible way to explore nature. As you pedal through semi-shaded landscapes, you'll encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna, including butterflies, dragonflies, pheasants, hares, squirrels, deer, foxes and migratory birds.

At the start of the tour, you'll receive instructions and learn about the history of this railway site, which has been in existence since 1893. So not only will you enjoy an active and enjoyable experience, you'll also learn more about the region's rich heritage.

Join us on the Cyclorail and embark on a memorable adventure, immersing yourself in the beauty of the countryside while spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Open all year round by reservation

Prices & Booking

Round trip: 13km 2h

Under 6 years old3€
From 6 to 11 years old6€
From 12 to 17 years old8€
Adults (aged 18 and over)10€
Group rate (from 12 people)9,50€


  • Baby seat (free).
  • Payment by holiday vouchers, gift vouchers, bank cheques and cash at all velorail sites. Please note that credit cards are not accepted at departure stations.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Making the most of your visit

Departure times & Important recommendations

To make the most of your ride on the Cyclorail, here are the departure times and a few tips and recommendations.

Please present yourself at the check-in point 20 minutes before departure.






Car park

The vast Cyclorail car park can accommodate all your vehicles: cars, coaches, camper vans...


Picnic (at the start only) along the Loire in the heart of nature, surrounded by magnificent trees.


There is a children's play area next to the picnic area, ideal for family fun.


Cyclorail is an outdoor activity for everyone. If you have any health problems, ask your doctor for advice.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Cyclorail FAQs

What you need to know about Cyclorail de Sancerre

And if you can't find an answer in this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), don't hesitate to get in touch:

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

There are no on-site amenities.

There are no restaurants on site. Food and drink may be available 1km away.

There's absolutely no picnicking during the walk. 

Heeled shoes and espadrilles are strongly discouraged. 

Cyclorail is not recommended for pregnant women or babies under 18 months. 

If it is raining and you do not wish to honour your reservation, you must give notice by telephone: 

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Size is everything. If you're 1m40 tall, you can pedal. This is the legal minimum for the safety of the activity. 

There is no PRM access, but the Cyclorail is accessible to anyone who can use their legs. If you are in a wheelchair, it will be up to your companions to get you to the starting point and onto the velorail. 

Cyclorail fares are available here: Prices & Booking

Dogs and cats are welcome. They must, of course, be kept on a lead for the respect of other users and for the safety of the animals themselves.

History of Cyclorail

A brief history of Cyclorail in figures

Construction of the line and bridge began in October 1890 by the Chemins de Fer de Paris à Orléans company, which gave it its local name of "Pont du P-O". The line was originally designed for military transport between Bourges and Cosne-sur-Loire.

The line opened to passengers and freight in December 1893. The metal bridge spanned the Ru and the Loire, joining the right bank of the latter at Port Aubry, in the commune of Cosne-sur-Loire in the Nièvre department.

The bridge was bombed in June 1944.

Passenger traffic ceased in the early 1960s. Freight traffic ceased in 2000. Thanks to the support of the Commune of Bannay, various studies and expert reports by the RFF and the SNCF, and the development of the track, Patrick Bertrand's project was completed in July 2004 and opened to the public.

Damien Chacqueneau takes over the business.

Length of course.

Height of the Saint-Satur viaduct.

That's the length of the bridge over the Loire. Dating from 1893, it is the longest metal railway bridge in France and the 5th longest in the world.

Velorails for groups of up to 50 adults and/or children. The noise from these machines is very acceptable, as the silent wheels on them mean you can hear yourself talk.

In 20 years, the Cyclorail du Sancerrois has transported more than 160,000 people to discover the landscapes of the Sancerrois and the Loire, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

A rich and surprising region

Around the Cyclorail

Take advantage of your Cyclorail discovery to visit the most interesting places in our region. For example...

  • The Musée de la Loire in the old centre of Cosne sur Loire.
  • The town of Cosne sur Loire: website.
  • The Guédelon medieval construction site in Treigny.
  • The Château de Saint Fargeau, in Saint Fargeau. Visit, and during the summer one of the biggest historical shows in Europe.
  • Sancerre, the town, the hills, the vineyards: website.
  • Pouilly sur Loire Tourist Office.

Cyclorail loves Elanna's semi-precious stones. Visit the shop here.

Reservations must be made by telephone only.

Map and access

How to get to Cyclorail du Sancerrois

Port Aubry station, 3 km south of Cosne sur Loire, Nièvre, Burgundy.

Cyclorail du Sancerrois
58200 Cosne-sur-Loire
47.3893583, 2.9066361

150 km from Paris, Troyes, Nevers, Dijon and Orléans, the Sancerrois region is accessible via the A77 motorway, exit 23.

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Reservations must be made by telephone only.